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How To Make PUBG Smoke Bomb From Cardboard | DIY By King OF Crafts

  • ♥Here it is:…

♥ For those who play pubg, you should know this very useful smoke bomb. And today, we make PUBG smoke bomb from cardboard. For this interesting DIY craft, we need mostly cardboard. In the video below, we show a detailed tutorial about how to make it:

♥ It’s quite easy to make one at home. Here are main steps with detail dimensions:

  • STEP 1: Cut 4 circles…
  • STEP 2: Cut 2 circles with given diameter:
  • STEP 3: You’ll need a rectangle from cardboard, just like this one:
  • STEP 4:  Another circle like this..
  • STEP 5:  another rectangle, is it a little to thin mah friends? 😀
  • STEP 6 :  Hey, now draw something like this:

    – Continue to draw another part, though a symmetric axis.
    – Then cut it with a knife, this is what you will get:

  • STEP 7: Cut wooden sticks with given length:
  • TADAAAA!  So, here we have a scale and cool Smoke bomb, like a real one in PUBG game:

    Steps above are not full directions to make a smoke bomb, but these contain main directions with detail and measurement to make one. You can see timeline of the tutorial video in each picture.


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